Miscellaneous Projects

monster_950The Canadian Freestyle Collective

The Canadian Freestyle Collective is a set of images inspired by the ‘Boards of Canada’ music and nature programmes from the 70’s!  These images are a continuation from the Yeti story as I wanted to introduce more characters doing fun things like skateboarding, racing bikes and driving cool cars.

monster_950Yeti Pie Story

Yeti pie story was an open brief for a series of images to fill some wall space in a local bar.  I liked the idea of producing a set of images which allowed people to make up their own story to explain the connections between each image.

monster_950Yeti in London

This was a commission for my mate who lives in London.  He liked my Yeti series so I gave him his very own Yeti in London.  I was inspired by 1950’s B-movie posters like ‘Attack of the 50 foot woman’ where oversized monsters attack! Watch out for more London adventures as the Yeti tours round London’s iconic buildings.

monster_950Greetings card designs

In a little money making venture I decided to use some of my old doodles and scribbles to make some Christmas, Valentine and birthday cards to sell in some local shops and galleries.

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