monster_950‘Martha’s Favourite Socks’ – Story book sketches

This is an idea for a children’s story book I am working on inspired by my niece’s love of getting dressed.  She is strong willed and has definite favourites when it comes to items of clothing.  The story shows Martha getting up to mischief with her pet dog Rocket.


‘Martha’s Favourite Socks’ – Character development sketches

I have spent so long lately drawing creatures and monsters that I decided I needed to brush up my skills on drawing children’s faces.  I spent some time reminding myself how children’s faces develop as they grow up – these are a just a few examples of my efforts.

monster_950‘The Hungry Yeti’ Story development sketches

The naughty Yeti gets up to mischief again!  This is another idea for a children’s book – this time without words.  Yeti tries to befriend various characters but is confused about why they keep running away from him.

monster_950‘The Hungry Yeti’ Story character development sketches

I have experimented with different mediums recently.  Sometimes my computer can stifle my creativity so I challenged myself to get back to basics using ink and washes.  As this book doesn’t have words I needed to make sure that the character’s facial expressions told a story.


‘Martha’s Favourite Socks’ – Slim the Dog sketches

These images are my preliminary sketches of Rocket the dog.  My friend Al has a lovely gentle dog called Slim who provided me with my inspiration.

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